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Product categories : Wide Format Machines

When looking for an A1 or A0 sized Wide Format printer, it's important know what your applications are going to be.

Whether you are in the construction, professional print, or engineering industries your requirements will vary.

From CAD focused multifunction printers through to high-end graphic printers, we have the product range and services to help.

To find out which product would best suit your company needs, get in touch with one of our experts to help you. Call us today on 0289 622 3111 or fill out our simple contact us form.

HP Designjet Z6100

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The Designjet Z6100 is a high-quality machine ideal for print service providers, photographic applications as well as architectural and GIS firms looking to reduce their turnaround time.

HP Designjet XL 3600 Series

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A workhorse of a machine for larger drawing offices

HP Designjet 2600

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Mid range multifunction device

HP Designjet T830

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Great for small drawing offices that need copy/print/scan but in either 24/36”

HP DesignJet T530

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Entry level A1/A0 Printer. Great home use or low daily print use.